Monday, April 09, 2012

Sites like irazoo, gifthulk, Superpoints, Zoombucks point comparison

Update 15/April/2012.

Just to make me out a liar, Radium One have now HALVED their points on Zoombucks and iRazoo, presumably all the other sites as well, but I leav it you to check that up. Before that, iRazoo Facebook wall on 10 April state R1 had the Spotify offer for 120 points. So, up and down like a yoyo.

It just shows it pays to "shop around" on all the sites like irazoo, zoombucks, swagbucks, superpoints, new Gifthulk, and cantbeatfree.

Original article below, bear in mind the Radium One (R1) figures need to be divided by two now.

Within each site like Zoombucks, iRazoo, Superpoints and the NEW GIFTHULK, there are the offer walls Radium One and Peanut Labs.

I point out that for one example, SPOTIFY, which wall you use to join up via Facebook, determines how many extra points you could have got or lost.

The fact that peanut labs consistently seems to pay LESS than the corresponding offer on Radium One, was one I was not fully aware of until I noticed Spotify since I have got a week's free Premium from them for pointing out an error in their Legal Terms, so thought I might as well get paid to join up and use it.

Here is the info I have extracted to show what I mean in the case of Spotify, although I can say that I have noticed Cantbeatfree has videos on Radium One that pay 2 points, whereas all other walls only pay 1 point for the same video, so it looks like R1 as it is sometimes called for short, is a better payer all round.

Gifthulk  radium one (wall 1)   16         (13 cents)
Gifthulk  peanut Labs (wall 8)  11         (9 cents)

Zoombucks radium one            20          (20 cents)
Zoombucks peanut labs            13          (13 cents)

iRazoo  radium one                     144      (23 cents)
iRazoo  peanut labs                     84        (14 cents)

SuperPoints radium one                17        (17 cents)
SuperPoints TrailPay (similar)    15        (15 cents)

1 GiftHulk Coin = 500/599 of 1 cent or 0.835 cents  (0.5 pence)
1 Zoombucks point = 1 cent  (0.6 pence)
1 iRazoo point = 500/3000 of 1 cent or 0.166 cents   (0.1 pence)
1 SuperPoints point = 1 cent  (0.6 pence)

Based on PayPal $5 redemption costs.

If using Amazon vouchers, the cents per point change, as for example, Gifthulk do £5 for 749 points.

The "pence" are only rough estimates as exchange rates fluctuate all the time.

Note that SuperPoints does not use Peanut Labs (yet) so I had to use TrialPay as the only similar one on the site.

Note also, in the case of Spotify offer, you get more value from doing it on SUPERPOINTS then iRazoo than the others.

Unless you are a Brit, in which case the UK amazon vouchers using the gifthulk coins MAY make up for the lesser rate as iRazoo only allows us Brits to redeem for DOLLAR Amzon.COM vouchers, for example.

Not a lot of use to most of us, what with the shipping and customs duty costs added on top of any purchases from the USA Amazon.

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